Will You Use The Bathroom in Front of Your Husband?

toilet, pottyI share everything with my husband. Embarrassing bodily functions are no big deal (especially after your significant other sees you give birth). Beauty regimes like dying my hair, doing home facials and clipping my nails are okay to do in front of him. We share a house, three kids, a puppy, so it's hard not to see each other--warts and all.

But there is one thing I do not like my husband to see me do. I go to dance classes often, and I freak out if he sees my moves. My dancing, except if I'm tipsy, is off limits.

Another friend of mine will not use the bathroom in front of her husband. And still another one won't ever let her husband see her without makeup. She actually runs to the mirror before he gets up to put on her face.


I think he lets me see it all, which is both good and bad if you know what I mean. According to a recent story on CNN, doing certain things in front of your partner shows that your relationship is close.

But--and no surprise here--men tend to be more open while women tend to be more private. That's especially true around my house, but I'd rather leave it at that.

If your hubby breaks wind once too often, relationship coach Jo Anne White suggests the following:

  • Communicate: "After we get over how disgusting their habit is, what can we do about it? We can negotiate."
  • Compromise: "If it's a little habit we can adjust or alter to get more satisfaction into the relationship, why not?"
  •  Support: "Our partner needs us to be a friend, someone who's really in their corner rather than always being critical or finding flaws.

What about you and yours? What embarrassing behaviors do you do--or not do--in front of each other?

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