20 Wild Wedding Rings That Are Anything But Boring

Maressa Brown | Jul 24, 2018 Love & Sex
20 Wild Wedding Rings That Are Anything But Boring

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When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, couples are bound to take a variety of factors into consideration. Everything from personal taste, family history, cultural backgrounds, or even romantic details from their relationship or their engagement, can come into play. And wanting to cover all of those bases all at once isn't really a tall order these days, as there are so many options. 

Bands come in designs that are minimalist and eco-chic, or quirky and elegant. There's no need to feel forced to choose one aesthetic over the other. At the same time, couples may be seeking styles that are anything but conventional. Thankfully we're living in a time where soon-to-be newlyweds are spoiled for choice.  

There's no blaming them for that. After all, they're choosing something they plan to wear for years to come. A basic white gold wedding band -- even one that features sparkly diamonds -- could seem like a yawn-fest, depending on your personal style. 

Thankfully, couples who want to go against the grain with their wedding jewelry don't have to look too hard to find whimsical, edgy, modern, and uniquely minimalist designs. Wedding rings these days can be matching, or totally stand alone to truly capture each person's unique style. 

Here, 20 eye-catching, wild wedding bands. Some are inspired by nature, history, or even hardware. Others are simply, stunningly unusual. If the love is wholly unique, why shouldin't the wedding rings be too?

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