This Woman Got a Kinder Egg Stuck in Her Vagina During a Crazy Proposal Fail

kinder eggs

A wedding proposal is a pretty monumental occasion in a person's life, that's why so many people go to extreme lengths to make sure the moment is special, romantic, and memorable. Unfortunately, sometimes proposals go horribly wrong -- which can apparently result in candy getting stuck in your vagina!


There is a popular leap year tradition where on February 29 women propose to their man. One woman, who has remained unnamed, decided to attempt a unique proposal that involved her boyfriend finding a tiny plastic container, which normally holds a Kinder Egg toy, in her vagina. He would then pull it out and find a ring inside. Umm ... how sweet? 

According to Kidspot, this story comes from comedian and writer Adam Kay’s book This is Going to Hurt, which describes horrifying encounters he had as a junior doctor. “She would suggest some finger-work to her partner, he would discover it, retrieve it, and then she would go down on one knee (and presumably, him)." Adam told The Sun. “Equal parts unexpected, disgusting and, I suppose, romantic."

Well, things didn't go quite as expected. The Kinder Egg got "lodged sideways in the woman’s vagina" and they couldn't get it out. 

Although the woman still had not told her boyfriend why she had children's candy in her vajayjay, they ended up taking a trip to the ER. Adam saved the day by "extracting the egg using sponge-holding forceps," according to Kidspot.

The man eventually got to open up the "surprise inside" (while wearing a pair of latex gloves) and she asked for his hand in marriage. “She popped the question and he said yes; presumably out of shock or fear of what a woman who does that with a Kinder Surprise would do to him if spurned," Adam said. 

Well, at least this story has a happy ending ... right? 

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