15 People Share the Adorably Bizarre Ways They Found Love

Kayla Boyd | Jun 28, 2018 Love & Sex
15 People Share the Adorably Bizarre Ways They Found Love
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We all know the old saying that we will only find love when we least expect it. Although some hate hearing this sound piece of advice and many don't believe it's true, for some people, they REALLY weren't expecting it when they met their partners. In a viral Twitter thread, people have been sharing their funny and adorable stories about how they met their partners. Let's just say that the glorious stories really are seriously rom-com worthy. It all started when Twitter user Danny Mack (@iLoveeeLucy) tweeted out: "Someone tell me their love story. How’d you meet the person you’re with?"

The tweet got flooded with more than 400 responses, more than 280 retweets, and almost 1,000 likes. Some people's love stories were adorable and others were hilarious. The thread definitely serves as proof that we never know when the love of our life could pop up. It could be someone we knew as a child or it could be a stranger online. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to shoot their shot! 

Many of the crazy love stories involved a bold move by one of the partners or a pretty bizarre circumstance that brought them together. But no matter how these couples came together, it is always nice to read a successful love story. 

It just goes to show that we really never know when the right person is going to show up. Here are 15 people who found love in the wackiest ways. 

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