Why Divorce Is So Hard, According to Women Who've Been Through It

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I was recently invited to the second wedding of a dear friend. She's found love after divorce and happiness at the end of the tunnel. But when her first marriage ended, she went through some hard and ugly moments that I was there to witness. In the end, the divorce can turn into a good thing, but going through the process of splitting up is usually quite an ordeal. Disputes about money, child custody battles, and having to move out of a beloved home aren't easy things to have to endure.


For my friend, the hardest part her divorce was handling the money. After 11 years of marriage and owning a business with her ex-husband, figuring out how to separate their money was something more than a little tricky. It involved tears, fights, and multiple lawyers. It was ugly. It took them months to reach a settlement, and she still get mad when she talks about it. 

I suspect that every divorce is different, just like every marriage is. So any folks who go through it probably have their own highlight reel of crappy days, terrible fights, and hard moments that they wish they could forget. Why is divorce so hard? It depends on who's asked.

I talked to 16 recently divorced women, who all wanted to remain anonymous, to find out what they found were the hardest moments of their divorces. From having to break the news to friends and family to needing to figure out how to start life over, there were plenty of tough times during the divorce process. Read on for some real (and sometimes really sad) stories -- the good news being that all these women got through it

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