15 Women Admit to the Dumbest Things They Ever Fought About With Their Partners

Wendy Robinson | Mar 5, 2018 Love & Sex


Over the course of 13 years of marriage, my husband and I have had our fair share of fights. Some of those have been serious and game changing. But for every one of those important fights, we've probably had just as many fights about things that are just plain DUMB. The "should we get more placemats?" fight might just rank as the worst. 

The placemat fight started because one of us (me) wanted to get a new set of placemats for our dining room table. The other of us (also known as The One Who Was Wrong) thought more than one set of placemats was extravagant. Yes, extravagant. At $5 a placemat. It might seem like that isn't something two people could fight about for two hours, but I'm hear to say that not only is it possible, but I'm STILL MAD about it.

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Because I am nosy and I love real stories about other people's marriages, I asked 15 women to spill the beans on their dumbest fights with their partners. I have to say, some of them might actually be worse than the placemat fight. I know I can't be the only one who literally laughed out loud at #5, so read on for that epic throw down!

  • Are You Blind?


    "We were newly dating when my now husband and I got into a fight about what color those pale pink Mary Kay cars are. He kept saying they were off white when they are clearly pink! We went around and around about it and I finally asked him if he was blind -- which is when he mentioned offhand that he was color blind. SIR. Why are you arguing with me, AN ARTIST, about color?" -- Laurel W., Toledo, Ohio

  • Rent or Buy


    "We used to fight about renting versus buying movies. Obviously in the age of Blockbuster. He thought it was a waste of money to rent a movie but I didn't want to buy a movie I hadn't seen because what if I hated it." -- JoJo D., Fresno, California 

  • Just Get the Vanilla


    "The right kind of vanilla ice cream to buy when someone asks you to pick up vanilla ice cream. (Hint: FRENCH VANILLA IS NOT VANILLA ICE CREAM.) It ended with me leaving, and he said, 'where are you going?' and I said 'to buy the right f*cking ice cream' and then slammed the door. To this day when we are arguing about something dumb one of us will break the tension with 'Just get the right f*ing ice cream!' (I was totally right.)" -- Millie B., Washington, DC 

  • Ice Dancers


    "Our most recent stupid fight was during the Olympics. We got into a rager about whether ice dancing is a sport or not. I ended up in tears and telling him he was a chauvinist pig. Good times." -- Heidi T., St. Paul, Minnesota

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  • Book Brawl


    "Whether the board books in the baby's room needed to be alphabetized by author. Spoiler alert: no. My dear husband apparently didn't understand that babies don't actually keep their books in any sort of order. He ended up accusing me of wanting our children to 'grow up with out a proper respect for the library.'" -- Sarah F., Tucson, Arizona 

  • Suspicious Mind


    "Oh we fight regularly about the stupidest stuff. I think the crowd favorite is still in early dating times when he left a toiletry at my house. Then he saw it in my bathroom and accused me of going through his cabinets and stealing it." -- Nicki D., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Major Issue


    "We were gifted a Marriage Encounter by my parents and the major issue he brought to the table to discuss over the course of the weekend was whether or not I shut the cabinets in the kitchen consistently. Sometimes I leave them open. We discussed this at length. For a weekend. WITHOUT BOURBON." -- Amy R., Dallas, Texas

  • Just Try It!


    "Riding roller coasters. My husband refuses to go on roller coasters. I love roller coasters, so this made me really sad. He won't even TRY a roller coaster, which is what fired me up. How do you know you hate roller coasters if you won't even try it?!! This led to him getting very defensive and upset and how he will never ever ride a roller coaster and doesn't care how I feel about it. It's now clear he has a real fear of them. I can tell it's still a sore subject to him when I bring it up." -- Nora D., Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 

  • Twins


    "My wife and I got into a fight because we both ordered the same coat from a website. We often share clothes and I thought it was dumb to keep both and she thought it would be fun to dress as "twins" for a day. Ew. No." -- Kim B., Denver, Colorado

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  • Just Do Me


    "Whether or not we should have sex with our pet in the room. He was seriously freaked out by it and I was like, 'Dude, it's dark and he's an animal anyway. He doesn't know what's going on and even if he did, who cares?' It was our first big fight after we got married and it blew up so big that I felt like I didn't even know who I'd married. We laugh about it now: 3 kids in who have all co-slept at some point." -- Grace M., Salina, Kansas 

  • Awkward


    "My husband once got in a fight with a lady on an airplane because she was eating popcorn, which he thought was inappropriate because it 'smelled bad.' He was in the aisle seat, and I was in the middle seat next to the offending popcorn eater. I was mad at him for putting me in the awkward position of having to sit on an entire flight between two people that decided they hated each other. I told him I didn't think eating popcorn on an airplane was a problem, and he said it was. We still do not agree on this. That happened 10 years ago." -- Blair W., Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Mulch


    "Our dumbest fight was about mulch. We were mulching the flower garden and a war broke out on the amount of mulch to put. And I mean-full on World War III battle. I still can't look at gardening in the same way." -- Sasha T., Des Moines, Iowa

  • Gold or Silver?


    "Whether a travel mug was gold or silver. We were seriously worked up about it. This was like 15 years ago. Just to be sure, I just said, 'Hey, what's the dumbest thing we've ever argued about?' Immediately he said, 'Oh one time I had this mug...." He said 'That was the closest I've ever come to storming out of a room.' He just tried to start it up again! 'You didn't seriously think that mug was gold, did you?'" -- Tasha A., Denver, Colorado 

  • Lights, Camera, Action!


    "Our stupid fight was about a movie we were making, just the two of us with a camcorder, starring our cat as a superhero. We got in a massive fight about creative direction and plot. Our cat just watched the whole thing like the diva she was." -- Elizabeth A., Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Wrong Way


    "According to my husband, I don't load the dishwasher correctly or replace the toilet paper the right way. After about a million times fighting about the damn toilet paper, I just told him that it was now his job to replace the all the toilet paper forever. Very mature." -- Jessie B., Maplewood, Minnesota