Woman Celebrates Her Divorce by Selling All of Her Ex's Stuff & Setting Her Wedding Dress on Fire

Briana Renee/Facebook

After all those months and emotions, your divorce is officially finalized. Now what? Texas resident Briana Barksdale might have just come up with the most original idea to commemorate the day: throw a big ol' garage sale of your ex's ish, and when a crowd has gathered, torch your wedding dress and watch that baby burn. My ex, who?

  • On Facebook, Barksdale posted the most empowering ad for a garage sale that celebrated her divorce from her "worthless, cheating, abusive husband."

    Genius, really. It's a win-win situation. She not only got to get rid of those tainted memories, but she also earned some much-needed cash in return. (And divorce ain't cheap, that's for sure.)

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  • The items for sale? Whatever reminded her of him.

    By that, we mean his Xbox and his grandmother's silverware. 

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    I'm sure his grandmother isn't happy about her grandson's choices. 

  • We're not even at the best part yet. The real icing on the cake is that Barksdale basically turned the garage sale into an empowering divorce party.

    She made a call for mimosas and made plans to SET. HER. WEDDING. DRESS. ON. FIRE.

    "Come stop by," she wrote. "Buy something. Support moving forward and getting rid of assholes. Or just get a great deal on a couch. Think of it as a party and THIS is YOUR personal invite!"

    In the comments, people were intrigued by Barksdale's ad. I mean, who wouldn't be? "Who is this woman and can she please be my best friend forever?" one woman wrote on Facebook.
  • On the day of the party, Barksdale seriously delivered.

    "This is for every woman that's ever been in a relationship that was abusive, that hurt, that they shouldn't have stayed in, that they didn't know how to get out of, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it took me a long time to get there but this is my light at the end of the tunnel. I am here, I am strong, I am happy," she said in her speech before lighting the dress on fire. 

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  • Yas, girl!

    If you're wondering about how the actual garage sale went, Barksdale sold everything, which means she's all set to start her new chapter.