What the 'Perfect' Relationship Means to These 15 Women

couple in love

"Perfect" is a tough goal -- because the reality is that no one is perfect, we all have our things that make us unique. But there is perfect to be found within love; it's a feeling that can make a relationship feel precisely right and checks all those feel-good boxes on our personal lists. We spoke to 15 women who have a bit of experience with what a great relationship feels like, and there is a lot to glean from their responses.


We can talk about harmony and compatibility. We can talk about mutual respect and admiration. But sometimes it's in the little things, the actions people take and ways of being that truly show what love means. Love is and should be in all the details ... even the tiny ones. 

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That's a theme within these responses -- those little things are all part of the big picture, part of the definition of what makes a perfect relationship. It's all about feelings, not only toward the other person, but toward oneself -- the feelings that are brought out within oneself. These responses can serve as a guide to take a look at a current relationship and evaluate. They can also inspire and bring forward realizations of ways to a deeper love. 

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Love is beautiful ... but not without challenges. It's always a work in progress and these women certainly share some insight on what makes a perfect relationship.

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