Woman Posed as Her Husband's Alleged Mistress on Craigslist to Solicit Married Men for Sex


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned -- especially if she has access to Craigslist. 


A Houston woman appeared in court on Tuesday with felony charges of impersonation and online harassment after posing as her husband's alleged mistress in a Craigslist ad seeking out sex from married men. 

Tamantha Johnson posted the ad on Craigslist and other "cheater sites" back in July, the Houston Chronicle reported. 

Houston Police Department

The ad included the victim's name, photo, and phone number, according to the Sun Herald.

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Court documents reportedly reveal that the supposed mistress -- named Ryan Boudreaux, according to the New York Post -- apparently received "100 inquiries to her personal cell phone," including "several unwanted naked pictures from unknown men due to this ad." Nothing can make a day go south faster than an unwanted dick pic. 

At first, Johnson denied making the ad, but investigators traced it back to a computer at Baylor College, her employer. Then she admitted that she only posted the ad because she wanted Boudreaux to admit to having an affair with Johnson's former husband, David Anderson. 

Anderson is a divorce lawyer who represented Boudreaux in her own divorce case. He and Johnson filed for their own divorce in April 2017. 

Johnson tried previously confronting Boudreaux several times about a supposed affair, but Boudreaux would just ignore her. 

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"Because you are unable to control your behavior, you have made it necessary for me to help you control your unacceptable behavior," Johnson allegedly once texted to Boudreaux. "You are a very evil person. And you will suffer the consequences of this behavior."

It's unclear if Johnson is currently in custody, according to Crime Online.

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