Woman Gets Revenge on Her Gross Coworker by Farting on Him


As recent news has pointed out, sexual harassment in the workplace is an unfortunate and extremely common reality for many working women. One woman, however, might have just come up with the most creative way to stop a relentless aggressor in his tracks, and it starts with one word: farting. 

  • Known on Reddit as ThankCod, the woman says she began experiencing unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances from her male coworker.

    The incidents kept occurring, and the coworker kept pretending to be innocent. 

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  • So she came up with a brilliant plan to make him leave her alone: a full-on fart attack.

    "I walked by him and turned my butt right next to his hand and just full-on farted," she wrote on Reddit. "Loud and angry. It's gross, I know."

    Obviously, the fart freaked him out. "No more will he look at my ass as sexual, but as a fart box that has forever claimed his tiny hand."

  • Their boss came over to see what the commotion was and it turns out that the harasser was -- surprise -- a serial harasser, and this was the fifth complaint against him.

    She claimed that she accidentally farted on him, and he said he pinched her butt as "a joke." 

    Although it seems like Ted should have been gone a long time ago, the fart was what finally blew him over the edge -- he was fired.

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  • Redditors cheered ThankCod on for her undeniably creative and "badass" thinking.

    "This is the greatest thing I've read in a while," another person wrote. "Who knew a fart could be so fucking awesome."

    As long as sexual harassment is a mainstay in our current work culture, so shall our farts be. 

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