15 Women Share the Moment They Knew They Needed Marriage Counseling


As anyone who has been married for longer than 20 minutes knows, being in a long-term relationship definitely has ups and downs. Being with one person every day for years can be stressful -- even before adding kids into the mix. Full disclosure: I am totally pro couples counseling and think most people would benefit from talking to a therapist at some point in their life. 


Before my husband and I got married we did several sessions of couples counseling to talk about how to prepare to have a blended family. After seven years of marriage, we did some marriage counseling to work through some issues that we just couldn't solve on our own. 

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I'm always curious about how other people's relationships really work, so I asked a group of married women to share the moment they knew that their marriage wasn't going to make it without some professional help. These stories, told anonymously, might help anyone to see if counseling might be the thing their marriage needs too!

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