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15 Women Reveal the Pickup Lines That Won Them Over

Love & Sex Kathleen Wong Jan 19, 2018


Let's all be real for a second: Approaching a stranger/romantic prospect requires guts. The fear of rejection is enough of a drawback, and the fact that that rejection is probably going to be in public is even worse. Is anyone else sweating or is it just me? But hey, with the right (and non-creepy!) moves, it could really pay off and turn into a meet-cute story to share with the future great grandkids. Sounds pretty ideal, huh?

Unfortunately, thanks to some people out there, pickup lines have gotten a bad reputation. We get it though. There's an abundance of lines that are just so bad and cringeworthy, we wonder who gave these folks the idea that they would work on a human being. 

A study from 2010 revealed that the majority of men don't really know what kind of pickup line to use with women, and they often overestimate the success of sexual innuendo–ridden ones. Those don't tend to work because it implies that the hitter only wants one thing from the hit-on. 

So what is the trick to a good pickup line? Hint: It's humor. But not just any joke -- we mean clever, dry wit. Oh, and a genuine compliment never hurt anyone. 

A flattering, funny, and cheeky pickup can open the door to a conversation -- and a world of possibility. Need proof? Click ahead to hear what 15 people said were the best and most successful pickup lines they've actually received -- and take notes.


11. Familiar face or nah?

" A pickup line that worked on me was actually super simple and benign. I met this guy at a conference and he was one of the speakers. We were in the similar vicinity and he came up to me and asked, 'Do I know you?' It was so simple, but was a conversation starter for me to say no, and then start chatting more." -Katelyn M.

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22. Nerve-racking

"A man I met in a class (we were both adults) approached me and said the following: 'I work with corporate executives and high earning entrepreneurs everyday and have no problem speaking in front of large groups of powerful business people. But you … you make me VERY nervous. Would you like to go out to dinner with me?' I said yes and we did go out on one date. I didn't feel a connection and we never went out again. But, I certainly remember that line." -Sally A.


33. Can I buy you a ... square?

"Met my husband at a charity function for stroke research. With an open bar, buying me a drink was a moot ... option. But part of the fund-raiser included a football squares game, with a $10 buy-in. He saw me across the room, came up behind me, and with a mischievous smile, he asked, 'Can I buy you a square?' Conversation ensued ... We've been married five years, baby due soon." -Carson Q. 


55. Enthusiasm is key

"While I was in college there was a guy that sat next to me in class, and when I told him my ex and I just broke up, he said, 'Yes! I'm taking you out!' in a really excited and upbeat way. I was expecting him to say, 'I'm so sorry,' but his positivity made me feel better about the breakup. So I took him up on the offer and went to a karaoke bar with him that same night." -Jennifer S.


66. A hug is all it takes

“'I don’t know you but I’m gonna hug you anyway.' It worked for me because I had just gotten out of a three-year relationship and he was cute. Cute guy giving me attention + a broken heart = love at first sight." -Alayna K.

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77. Let it snow

"My husband, Joe, and I started to get to know each other at Christmastime. 'Let It Snow' came on the radio and he sang along to the song but sang the chorus as 'Stay with Joe, Stay with Joe, Stay with Joe.' It was cheesy, bold, and sweet -- the things I love most about him to this day." -Kelsey S.

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88. A shoe-worthy compliment

"I was wearing some new shoes and this guy came up to me and said they were really nice and he liked them. It works because it's a compliment on something that is a reflection of me. Like a compliment on my eyes is like nice but that's not a reflection on my personality. By complimenting my shoes, it's a compliment on my taste." -Katie S.

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99. Music to my ears

"So I can't verbatim quote it but one time someone sent me a link to a song because of the artists I listed on my OkCupid account! We ended up having a cool convo about music!" -Dana R. 


1010. Throwback

"'Amy, important question: What is your favorite Hilary Duff album, and why is it Metamorphosis?' Not really a pickup line but it definitely made me laugh and want to reply. He had a good idea of every '90s/'00s girl's role model and her best album." -Amy L.

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1111. A classic

"Okay this one seems obvious but, 'Can I buy you a drink?' by a guy at a bar. Simple but it works, to be honest, because it shows that the guy was kind of willing to be vulnerable by showing interest, but it's also something I actually want, so it's cool that he'll get it for me. Of course, I have to be actually interested in the guy or else it's awkward." -Gloria N.

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1313. Smooth

"Guy behind me tapped my shoulder [and says], 'Ma'am, you dropped something.' I turn around and say, 'Oh, what was it?' 'My number.' If I wasn't in a relationship at the time, I would have taken that man's number." -Megan Y.

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1414. A novel idea

"I was in Barnes and Noble, and he asked me like why I liked dystopian books or something 'cause I was reading Divergent or something. So I thought that was cool that he actually was kind of paying attention before asking. We actually talked about it and then he asked me for coffee. Not super pushy too, which was nice." -Rebecca W.

1515. Word play

"I remember using Match a million years ago and this guy messaged me saying something like, 'Maybe you could write our story' (since he knew I liked to write, and worked in editing books). And it made me laugh so I ended up talking to him anyway because it was so stupid, and we went on a couple of dates that ultimately went nowhere." -Jamie S.

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