15 Women Reveal the Pickup Lines That Won Them Over


Let's all be real for a second: Approaching a stranger/romantic prospect requires guts. The fear of rejection is enough of a drawback, and the fact that that rejection is probably going to be in public is even worse. Is anyone else sweating or is it just me? But hey, with the right (and non-creepy!) moves, it could really pay off and turn into a meet-cute story to share with the future great grandkids. Sounds pretty ideal, huh?


Unfortunately, thanks to some people out there, pickup lines have gotten a bad reputation. We get it though. There's an abundance of lines that are just so bad and cringeworthy, we wonder who gave these folks the idea that they would work on a human being. 

A study from 2010 revealed that the majority of men don't really know what kind of pickup line to use with women, and they often overestimate the success of sexual innuendo–ridden ones. Those don't tend to work because it implies that the hitter only wants one thing from the hit-on. 

So what is the trick to a good pickup line? Hint: It's humor. But not just any joke -- we mean clever, dry wit. Oh, and a genuine compliment never hurt anyone. 

A flattering, funny, and cheeky pickup can open the door to a conversation -- and a world of possibility. Need proof? Click ahead to hear what 15 people said were the best and most successful pickup lines they've actually received -- and take notes.

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