Wife Plays Hilarious Prank on Husband After She Passes Away


There's a saying out there that goes, "True love never dies." For one couple, that saying definitely rings true. But one thing that the saying forgets to emphasize is that true love means being pretty funny to each other at the same time too.

  • On Twitter, Antonia Nicol (aka @Flaminhaystack) shared how her mom has been playing a hilarious prank on her dad from beyond the grave.

    Right before passing from cancer, Nicol's mom gave her dad "strict instructions" on how to water the plants. He followed his late wife's last wishes to a T, and recently just found out that they've been fake plants all this time

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  • The discovery gave Nicol's dad, who had been with her mom since she was just 16 years old, a good laugh.

    "So, when he found out that the plants were fake all along, it's really made us all happy as a family to remember her like this," she wrote in another tweet.

  • From the story, people gathered that Nicol's mom must've been as much of a hoot as her dad is a sweetheart for following her "last wishes."

    "Priceless," someone else said. "Your mum was canny to have set that one up. Bless him for faithfully watering them."

  • As one person joked, her mom was both funny and insanely clever for devising such a strategy to keep him busy.

  • In fact, it's so clever that some people really did take notes.

    An inspirational woman in many respects, Nicol's mom.

  • Everyone who read this story had to agree that her parents seemed to be soul mates.

    True love does exist, guys!

  • Wait, are we smiling and crying at the same time?

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