15 Women Share Which Fictional Couples Are Their IRL Relationship Goals

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Early on in our marriage, my husband and I bonded over our shared love for the television show Friday Night Lights. It centers around life and football in a small Texas town. At the center of the show are the head football coach, Eric, and his high school guidance counselor wife, Tami. All that's needed to be known about them is that they are #RelationshipGoals. 


Eric and Tami Taylor clearly love each other, but that doesn't stop them from sometimes bickering with each other over totally real-life things like division of household labor and taking care of the kids. It just feels affirming to see a television depiction of a married couple that actually loves and is still hot for each other, even if they drive each other crazy sometimes. Eric and Tami are just like us -- only with much better hair and a really good soundtrack. 

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I'm always on the hunt for movies and TV shows that feature couples that I'd want to be like: funny, sexy, and real partners. I reached out to 15 women on the fictional couples that represent their IRL relationship goals. Consider this list a go-to for the next time one is looking for something to binge or some Netflix-and-chill inspiration!

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