15 Women Share Which Fictional Couples Are Their IRL Relationship Goals

Wendy Robinson | Jan 17, 2018 Love & Sex
15 Women Share Which Fictional Couples Are Their IRL Relationship Goals
Image: Bill Records/NBC Universal

Bill Records/NBC Universal

Early on in our marriage, my husband and I bonded over our shared love for the television show Friday Night Lights. It centers around life and football in a small Texas town. At the center of the show are the head football coach, Eric, and his high school guidance counselor wife, Tami. All that's needed to be known about them is that they are #RelationshipGoals. 

Eric and Tami Taylor clearly love each other, but that doesn't stop them from sometimes bickering with each other over totally real-life things like division of household labor and taking care of the kids. It just feels affirming to see a television depiction of a married couple that actually loves and is still hot for each other, even if they drive each other crazy sometimes. Eric and Tami are just like us -- only with much better hair and a really good soundtrack. 

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I'm always on the hunt for movies and TV shows that feature couples that I'd want to be like: funny, sexy, and real partners. I reached out to 15 women on the fictional couples that represent their IRL relationship goals. Consider this list a go-to for the next time one is looking for something to binge or some Netflix-and-chill inspiration!

  • Phil and Claire

    Eric McCandless/ABC

    "My husband is a little less goofy than Phil, but we die laughing every time we watch because of the similarities between their relationship/personalities and ours. If they can make it work, so can we!" -- Lauren C., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Bella and Edward

    Summit Hill

    "My #goals are Bella and Edward but after she became a vampire and they don't need to sleep and can have incredible sex all the time with infinite money and a kid where they skip the awful parts of parenting and [they have] Wolfie friends." -- Christina O., Dallas, Texas 

  • Julia and Joel

    NBC Universal

    "I’m high strung and high achieving and my husband is the calm/nurturing one. And our goal in the next couple years is to switch roles and for him to be the stay-at-home parent, so Julia and Joel from Parenthood are goals for us." -- Amanda A., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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  • Elizabeth and Henry


    "The Secretary of State and her husband on Madame Secretary. They. Are. Awesome. Although I'd prefer my life to have less earthshaking drama. But they are still goals, especially since I also have a big job." -- Valerie H., Oakdale, Minnesota 

  • Marshall and Lily


    "I love Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother, been together forever, work as a team, each had their shortcomings and strengths, but neither is 'the dumb one' or 'the one who's always right'. Also, we've been working on our over-the-head high five." -- Laura W., Key West, Florida 

  • Parents in Easy A

    Adam Taylor/CTMG

    "The parents from Easy A. I love that they are so caring and absolutely hilarious. They love their kids and they still love each other so much too. I want to be like them as both a mom and a married lady." -- Nicole B., San Jose, California 

  • Randall and Beth

    Ron Batzdorff/NBC

    "As a Black woman, I am obsessed with Randall and Beth from This Is Us. There are so few strong Black couples on TV and these two have amazing chemistry, they totally understand each other, and you know they still like to hit it with each other! Goals, for sure!" -- Vivian G., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 

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  • Jim and Pam

    NBC Universal Media

    "How do I not choose Jim and Pam from The Office for this one? Who doesn't want to have someone love you for years and want nothing more than to marry you? I also love their shared humor." -- Grace T., Tucson, Arizona

  • Leslie and Ben

    Chris Haston/NBC

    "Leslie and Ben from Parks and Rec are my all time favorite pop culture couple. I'm currently single but they have what I want -- shared passions, genuine love for each other, and an understanding and appreciation for each other's quirks. WANT." -- Paige R., Lawrence, Kansas

  • Carol and Susan

    NBC Universal

    "As a closeted gay kid growing up in rural Iowa, I literally didn't know any gay people in real life. So when I saw Carol and Susan get married on Friends it was such a game changer for me. They were goals because they gave me hope that I'd find love someday too." -- Callie G., Grimes, Iowa 

  • Nick and Nora Charles


    "If you've never seen The Thin Man, you are missing out on one of the best on-screen marriages ever! Nick and Nora Charles are so fun and have great chemistry as they try to solve a murder together. Don't let the black-and-white movie make you think that they aren't still total goals." -- Brenna R., San Diego, California 

  • Kumail and Emily


    "The Big Sick was one of my favorite movies this year and I loved Kumail and Emily's relationship because they are a mixed faith/background couple just like my husband and I are. I think they're goals because they show that love is love is love." -- Marcy B., Deerborn, Michigan

  • Buffy and Spike

    20th Century Fox Television

    "Okay, so they weren't the emotionally healthiest couple. And, sure, he was technically dead. But Buffy and Spike were SO HOT together. They are my sexy couple goals. I'm still totally Team Spike!" -- Anna N., Montreal, Quebec 

  • Corey and Topanga

    ABC Photo Archives

    "As someone who married my high school sweetheart, and who got married young, I'll always love Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World. They're goals because they show that young love can work out sometimes." -- Sarah J., Denton, Texas

  • Jed and Abby

    NBC Universal

    "There were actually a lot of good couples on The West Wing, but President and Mrs. Bartlett were goals because they stayed together even though they has some massive marriage challenges and didn't always like each other. That's real-life love." -- Katie B., Phoenix, Arizona


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