To Forget Her 'Compulsive Liar' Husband, Woman Sells Wedding Dress Online With Hilarious Ad

emma_matts/Trade Me

For many folks, getting over a breakup means throwing everything that reminds them of their lame former flame where it belongs: into the trash. (Or, if that relationship was really bad, setting that ish on fire à la Waiting to Exhale.) However, a New Zealand–based woman came up with a pretty genius way to get rid of one big memory-holder -- her wedding dress -- and get some extra cash in the process. 

  • The woman, known as emma_matts, listed her "worn once by mistake" wedding dress for sale on the auction site Trade Me.

    "Please help remove this dress from my life, it no longer means anything to me," her ensuing description said. 

    "It is in excellent condition -- unlike my marriage -- pretty much brand new and ready for a legit wedding after a practice run back in 2013."

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  • Damn, girl. We're gonna need some ointment on those burns.

  • While she thinks it could fit a size 12-14, emma_matts doesn't have exact measurements for the dress as it was "custom-made for a little girl who thought she deserved less than what she was worth and she is now a strong woman."

    It has an A-line cut and side ruffles, and it's made of chiffon. For a touch of sparkle, it also comes with a beautiful belt. As an added bonus, it also has a lace-up back so it can adjust in size, according to her. 

    We have to hand it to her -- emma_matts is a pretty good saleswoman. "It looks stunning on, enough so that it will distract you and your guests from the fact that you are marrying a compulsive liar," she wrote.

    I think we're getting a hint of what went down here ...

  • For anyone worried about wearing a secondhand dress, fret not, because she "hand-washed the bad luck out of it!"

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    (Also, can we talk about how she scribbled out her lame husband in these pics?)

  • In her description, she said how she ideally would like over $215 USD for the dress so that she could get a gym membership and lose "the kilos [she] put on from such a miserable marriage."

    Or even better, to use the money for a good night out featuring some wine, she continued. 

    To make the sale more enticing, she said she'd throw in her wedding shoes too since she doesn't need them anymore either: " ... I walked away with the feet I was born with and will keep moving forward with those ... "

    As for the veil, she's keeping that for "out of toilet paper" emergencies.

  • Well, emma_matts might end up getting both a nice bottle of wine and a gym membership, since her dress's current bid as of Thursday morning was about $521 USD.

    Empowering a spited woman to start anew and getting a wedding dress in top condition? We'd place a bid too.

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