23 Women Reveal Who Their Celebrity 'Free Pass' Person Is

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Jackie Brown/Splash News

Whether this lives in the land of ridiculousness, silly banter, or a real possibility, some couples share who their "free pass" person is with each other. He or she is the one person allowed into the world of fantasy ... to share a moment of passion without any repercussions. After all -- ain't nothing wrong with a little fantasy, right? And it's okay to admit it -- we've all got that one person in our heads ... no shame!


This thought of indiscretion in a relationship is often just that -- purely for fun, and solely to spend a little moment fantasizing about someone other than a partner. Some of these responses are purely chosen by looks alone, but others are more complex ... with women finding a person's deeds and doings only adding to their sex appeal. What was also revealed is that some couples have an ongoing discussion about these free passes -- and may even share the same person as their number one choice. 

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It's among the ultimate of "what ifs" and allows couples a look into their naughty sides or wildest dreams. We polled women to find out who their free pass is and acquired some fascinating eye candy. Prepare for a feast of the eyes, a scroll into the land of make-believe, and one that may just make add a new person to someone's free pass list.

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