A Dating App Put This Guy on Blast After He Fat-Shamed a Potential Match

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Dating apps can be great for meeting people you otherwise wouldn't cross paths with, but they also notoriously let jerks feel uninhibited about showing their true colors from behind the safety of a phone screen. Thankfully, one dating app, Bumble, finally took a public stand against these entitled men by banning one who fat-shamed a woman, and then wrote him a letter that everyone should read and put to practice.


The letter, which was posted online, was in response to a conversation between London users Samantha and Michael. According to The Tab, Samantha and Michael had matched on Bumble, and he soon sent her a very rude message that said if she "put in a tiny bit of effort out in the gym" then he would "consider meeting up with [her] but at the moment, it's no way ... "

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It doesn't end there. In a message that has a lot of misogyny to unpack, Michael continued by saying he's a "10/10" and that Sam was "clearly a five," but if she lost weight, then she'd be a "seven, which would make [him] want to smash [her] back doors in." Then he closed out the message by calling her the "desperate waiting type."

Sam was at a holiday work party when she received the rude messages. "It's having your own insecurities thrown back in your face by someone you don't know, which really got to me," she told The Tab.

"I worry because I've got some really lovely people around me who have supported me, but what about the girls that don't?" Samantha said. "It can be a really slippery slope when these things start affecting you. And it's so unfair that someone thinks it's okay to say such disgusting things, without considering the other person's feelings."

So she reported his profile to Bumble.

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Once the news broke about Michael's actions, he tried to save face by telling The Tab that he and his friends were "highly intoxicated" and thought it'd be fun to swap phones and message each other's matches. "They were mostly funny and harmless but in this case it was extremely rude, belittling, and insulting," he said. "I had no control over those messages that were sent through my account and had I seen what was written, would absolutely have stopped them from being sent." 

He claimed he apologized to Samantha, and won't take part in anything "as remotely stupid as this again," but the damage was already done. Aside from his weak excuse, his story just proves that there are still some men out there who think this behavior is okay.

Thankfully, the peeps over at Bumble seemed to agree with that, and not only did they ban Michael from the app, but they wrote him a response called, "/An Open Letter to Michael."

"Here's a tip: It's the 21st century. Small minded, sexist, shallow people aren't welcome in a progressive society anymore, and in the end, only you will lose out," Bumble wrote. "Times are changing, women are speaking up for themselves, and people are no longer going to be getting away with this sort of behavior."

Then Bumble gave a shout-out to "the brave woman that brought this to [their] attention," saying: "We are so proud of how you've stood up for yourself. We know you didn't want this attention and we hope that this is a reminder to all women (and men) that no one should encounter this sort of degradation."


It's refreshing to see a dating app finally speak out against fat-shaming, which is actually kind of rampant on the app. Earlier this year, a woman went out with a guy who revealed himself to be a total jerk when he ghosted her and then wrote a new profile that said, "Pleeease don't be fat in real life." Bumble tracked down this guy and banned him. 

C'mon, guys, get it together, and learn a thing or two from Bumble's letter.

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