This Grandma Accidentally Bought Some X-Rated Christmas Ornaments & No One Can Handle It


Every family has their own traditions when it comes to how they deck their halls with boughs of holly and set up their holiday decorations. Thanks to a little mistake, Ireland-based Alex Bermingham's grandma might have just started a new tradition of decorating their Christmas tree with G-strings. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • In a tweet on Monday, Bermingham shared photos of some clear, plastic ornaments that her grandma bought without realizing they were housing thongs.

    "My 74-year-old grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunnes Stores, which I have just realized upon decorating her tree that unbeknownst to her upon purchase, they are in fact, lavender glitter G-strings," Berhmingham wrote on Twitter. 

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  • All she had to do was pop open the plastic ornament, and ta-da, out came a straight-up G-string.

    "Wishing everyone a kinky Christmas this holiday season," she joked. 

    A thong and a Christmas tree ornament? Talk about a bargain. 

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  • Bermingham's grandma and her mistake provided everyone with a good laugh.

    "That has just made my day, so funny!" another person commented.

  • To her grandma's credit, a lot of people agreed that the thongs did make pretty ornaments.

  • Others shared their own strange (but funny) sexual accidents with grandparents.

    Just another reminder to make sure you lock your nightstand drawers before Grandma comes over for Christmas dinner.

  • And obviously, many people saw themselves in Bermingham's grandmother.

    "I want to be just like your grandmother some day," someone else commented. "I want to be slightly dotty in a way that will make others laugh. You need to hug your grandmother from me please."

    The woman might just be spirit-animal status. 

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  • As for how Grandma reacted to the thong discovery, according to Bermingham, she was pretty chill about it.

    Get in line if you want this woman to become your best friend. 

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