15 People Share the One Thing They Wish They Knew Before Getting Married

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Marriage is a big decision. After all, we're pretty much committing to someone for (hopefully) life. When stating our vows, we're pledging to stick by this person's side through ups and downs, and basically throughout whatever life is going to throw at us. We're talking about growing old with someone, having our lives intertwined, and maybe having kids, or purchasing a house. Whew, talk about ch-ch-changes! 


So this makes marriage a pretty intimidating topic, and can bring about lots of questions in people who have never been married before, such as, "How do I know when I'm ready?" to "How do I know they're the one?" The list goes on.

As much as we see those stories of couples who are 100 years old and die holding hands, we also see those news stories that tell us divorce rates are higher now more than ever before. Then, tack on all those clichés about our sex lives dying once we tie the knot, or how the wife or one partner is always going to be cleaning up after the next, and our heads are now spinning at an unsafe rate. 

So, we decided to get down to the real and dirty truth about marriage. We asked 15 married folks about the one thing they wish they knew before saying, "I do." Wise words!

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