There's Now a Medical Reason to Bang Before Bedtime, According to Science

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Fans of the nighttime romp, rejoice. There's now scientific evidence that backs up your late-night fun. And those who have trouble sleeping at night -- and that's quite a few, thanks to technology and stressful everyday life -- should also listen up and take note. 


According to Metro, researchers from Central Queensland University in Australia have discovered that orgasming from sex before bed not only contributes to a better night's sleep, but helps you fall asleep faster too. 

To get to these findings, the researchers surveyed 460 adults whose ages ranged from 18 to 70 and asked them about their sex and sleep habits. They found that 64 percent of respondents reported falling asleep more easily and having a good night's sleep when they orgasmed before hitting the hay. 

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One of the researchers, Michele Lastella, believes this is because sex helps us to stop worrying about the next day, and keeps our mind in the moment -- not distracted by our dang cell phones.

Plus, the flood of oxytocin (a hormone that makes us feel good and is literally dubbed "/the love hormone") that comes with orgasms helps too. 

"It is released in surges after orgasm, and triggers the pleasure centers in the brain, promoting a sense of pleasure and calmness," Dr. Michael Krychman, a sexual medicine gynecologist, told Bustle.

In fact, oxytocin has previously been linked to sleeping and dreaming, and lowering levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

Oh, but there is one thing to note with the recent study: The benefits only occurred with folks who reported both partners orgasming. (Just something to keep in mind, being that we're still living in the time of the "Orgasm Gap.")

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To keep that oxytocin river going, you and your partner might also want to consider sleeping in the nude afterward. Other research has also found that skin-to-skin touching increases oxytocin.

But if you're single and your eyes are rolling into the back of your head, don't worry. The survey also noted that those who masturbated before bed also fell asleep more easily than those who did not. 

With a good night's sleep being important for your emotional health, physical health, and ability to focus and concentrate at work, this study gives a new meaning to sexual healing.

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