This Guy Accidentally Sent a Hilariously Inappropriate Photo to His Mom


Thanks to the ease of smartphones, most of us now have a fear of accidentally sending a compromising picture, screenshot, or text to the wrong person. But how about when you send the photo to the correct person, but then you realize that the photo has a huge oopsie in it? And on top of that, the receiver was not only your mom, but all of Twitter? Damn technology.

  • Unfortunately, this is the exact situation 22-year-old Maison Vallance found himself in when he texted his mom a photo of his girlfriend holding up a once-lost shirt that his mom was asking for.

    He found his girlfriend to be so pretty that he just had to share it with his Twitter followers too. 

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  • Then his friend Brooke tweeted him about something he must have overlooked in the photo ...

    Too good of an eye, Brooke.


  • Understandably, Vallance flipped out when he realized what he sent his mom.

    (How has technology not developed a delete button for already-sent texts?)

  • And so did Twitter.

  • People absolutely died over Vallance's slip-up.

    "Oh that's priceless!!! Ha!!" another person tweeted.

  • Some folks offered Vallance some damage control advice.

    Another person said to say it was just Christmas decor, although I've never heard of the tradition of hanging Home Depot rope as garland. But hey, traditions have to start somewhere, right?

  • Others sympathized with Vallance, and shared their own parental horror stories.

  • That's a scenario no folks ever want to find themselves in.

  • If you're wondering, Vallance's mom didn't even notice the ropes.

    Or she's just the chillest, most nonchalant mom in the whole world.

    Either way, let Vallance's story serve as a lesson to always check the photo before clicking that little send button.