This Couple Had a 'Color Fight' at Their Wedding & the Photos Are Stunning

Agi Davis Photography

One pair of Australian newlyweds seized the opportunity to make their wedding photos the most colorful ones you've ever laid eyes on. This isn't your typical photo shoot of a white dress and black suit against a nature backdrop -- and we're not mad about it one bit.

  • Recent newlyweds Natasha and Pulindu -- aka Tash and PJ -- were planning their wedding and struggled on how to combine the traditions from their different cultural backgrounds.

    "The whole wedding was planned from beginning to end around the fact that we wanted to have fun memories of marrying each other and for those who were our guests -- when they think of us as a couple, for it to be of smiles and laughing and fun," Tash told Yahoo

    So they forewent the traditions they weren't really "feeling," and came up with the idea for a color fight, like when people throw colored powder at each other during the Hindu festival of Holi.

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  • The two spent months incorporating the color fight into the wedding.

    They even chose the venue based on the color fight, deciding that their friend's blueberry farm in Melbourne, Australia, had the perfect amount of outdoor space for the fight.

    Then the two introduced the messy option to guests on the wedding invitations, so people who wanted to participate could bring cheap white clothes to change into.

  • Tash toiled away in the kitchen for hours in order to make the powder out of corn flour and food coloring.

    Although Tash revealed on Reddit that this option was cheaper, she also said it took "ages in advance."

  • On the wedding day, the couple used a game to facilitate the fight -- and ensure lots of color be thrown around.

    They used hula hoops and colored balls, and split guests into four different teams, to create their own version of Capture the Flag.

  • The couple had over 100,000 baby wipes on hand for guests to clean themselves up with.

    On Reddit, Tash revealed that the only things left stained were her armpits, which stayed green. She blamed the sweat.

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  • The photographer, Agi Davis, who has been to Holi in India, tells CafeMom that she loved the idea "straight away."

    "I love photographing real people and their ideas," she continues. "I believe that photography is wonderful way of capturing our vision or specific time in our life just so we can remember it for ever."

    This is one unique wedding that's sure to go down in the books.

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