This Woman Had an Epic Shutdown to a Creep Trying to Sext Her & We're Taking Notes

bridgetstfu/Twitter, Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

For reasons we won't get into, some guys out there feel entitled to make sexual advances on women through any form of communication they can get their hands on, especially through social media accounts. Even worse, they don't stop at a no-sponse or even a "no." So one woman named Bridget Nickerson took matters into her own hands with an unconventional but effective method to shut down any creep who slides into your DMs

  • Some dude named da.niel6460 messaged Nickerson on Twitter to tell her she was hot, and like other dudes who like to slide into DMs, he was relentless.

    He didn't take her lack of response for an answer, and followed up with another poetic message that I'm sure she doesn't get all the time. Finally, she said, "Thanks." 

    There was no beating around the bush, and he went straight to attempting to sext with Nickerson. She agreed -- but only if they role-played. As you can guess, she had a plan hidden up her sleeve.

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  • In their role-playing, Nickerson asked if a "friend" could join in, and she virtually blindfolded the dude.

    Obviously, the guy was unsuspecting and thought he was successful in his creepiness. Think again, creep-o.

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  • The golden nugget of the story is when she revealed her "friend" to be everyone's favorite green ogre, Shrek.

    She even hit him with an up-close and personal boner-killing face shot of Shrek.

  • My, how the tables have turned. The dude never replied (even though, remember way back when he probed Nickerson for not replying?). But hey, her plan worked.

    Nickerson told Bustle that her friend @IAmNotJohnTucker was the one who came up with the idea to turn the unsolicited sexting into an unsolicited Shrek-ting. 

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    "I thought he was gonna be fun and play along :( if you're gonna be a creep, why not be a clever one?" @IAmNotJohnTucker commented on Twitter about his foolproof plan.

  • As expected, Twitter exploded over Nickerson's insanely clever DM exchange, absolutely loving her response.

    "This girl is my hero," someone else commented.

    "This is how I'll curve dudes now," another wrote.

    Anyone who has ever suffered from an unsolicited sexual advance, take note. This is evidence that Shrek is the answer to stopping a creep right in his creepy little tracks.

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