Husband Pranks His Wife Using Her Car's Back-Up Camera & It's So Good

Bobby Wesson/Facebook

As everyone knows, laughter is important in a relationship. So there's nothing more satisfying than successfully pulling off a prank on your SO or coming up with a new inside joke -- well, at least for one of the partners, anyway. In this case, it's Bobby Wesson, who played the most hilarious prank on his wife by taping twisted pictures over her car's back-up camera.

  • He chose some downright horrifying pictures that would scare anyone crap-less.

    Wesson got the idea to pull such pranks after he noticed that a toy dinosaur that had been left behind the car look giant-sized on camera, he told Scary Mommy. To pull off the prank, he invented a little photo rig made up of a popsicle stick and tape. 

    It's ironic, and almost scarier, the way the car still says, "Check surroundings for safety." 

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  • Everyone in the car thought she was being attacked by some ungodly horror movie creature.

    His poor wife was unsuspecting because he claimed he was "busy" that day.

  • Wesson is up-to-date with current pop culture references, which he proved by taping a nice portrait of the evil clown from "It."

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    According to Wesson, the couple had just watched It and his wife was freshly "super scared" of clowns, he told Scary Mommy. So obviously, he just had to tape Pennywise to her car before she left for work.

  • His wife's responses are almost as good as the prank itself.

    I think most people would have really broken the screen if that clown suddenly popped up.

  • There was this one time that Wesson taped a picture of Harry, the Bigfoot, from "Harry and the Hendersons."

  • Upon seeing Harry's hairy face, Wesson's wife started screaming and swearing while also on the phone with Verizon.

    As you would guess, the Verizon rep hung up.

  • But not all of Wesson's pranks are terrifying.

    This one is kind of sweet, as long as she didn't end up backing into the car behind her.

  • Overall, people think the Wessons are total #CoupleGoals.

    "This is awesome!" someone else commented. "She must really love you to put up with your shenanigans!"

    We'd say he's just lucky he isn't heading to divorce court. 

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