Bride Plays a Hilarious Prank on Her Groom to Give Him a 'First Look' He'll Never Forget

wedding first look
Molly McElleney Photography

The first look, or when the groom turns around to see the bride all decked out in her wedding attire for the first time, is often a sweet and emotional moment caught on camera. But recent bride Erin Goldberg wanted to take a humorous spin on the first-look photo shoot, using it as a perfect chance to play a prank on her husband-to-be, Ean. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

  • She decided to do a "fake first look" by wearing her pajamas, i.e., a baggy cat shirt and old sweatpants, instead of her wedding gown.

    The couple had been planning to do a daytime first-look shoot all along because the wedding ceremony was at night, photographer Molly McElenney tells CafeMom. But a few weeks before the wedding, Goldberg reached out to McElenney saying she wanted to trick her future husband.

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    "As soon as she told me about it, I knew we had to make room for it in the timeline because his reaction alone would be totally worth it," McElenney says.

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  • So the two planned it like a normal first-look shoot, from having the groom and bride a few feet apart until she tells him to turn around.

    "Erin agreed that that's how she wanted to do it, that way Ean could take in the whole outfit, from the cat shirt to the extremely stylish Walmart walking slippers," McElleney said.

  • "As I watched Ean turn around and see his bride in her cat shirt, I could not help but laugh," McElenney says. "His reaction was priceless."

    At first he was confused, as he was of course expecting to see a gown, but then he laughed, saying, "Of course, I should have expected this!" 

  • Apparently, the two have a known shared love of prank-pulling.

    You know what they say about a couple who laughs together.

  • McElenney says she's never done or seen a first-look photo shoot like this before.

    "It helped ease some of the stress of the day, and showcased how hysterical these two lovebirds are," she says. "It was unique and such a fun part of the day."

  • By the looks of her second, real first-look photo shoot, Goldberg also knows how to clean up well.

    We wish this couple a future full of playful pranks!

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