12 Hilarious Wedding Photobombs That Are Almost Better Than the Normal Photos

photobomb wedding

Unsurprisingly, a lot of care goes into wedding photos, which means there are many chances for things to go wrong, or take a funny and unexpected turn. At least, that's what happened for the following newlyweds...

  • If you look closely, you can see a very creepy face.

    This photobomb is like something out of a horror film; please tell me it's a real person.

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  • We always knew cats were huge attention-seekers.

    • This cat just couldn't help but try to be the center of attention during this couple's distance shot.

  • There's this planking pastor.

    This pastor sure has a good sense of humor.

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  • Then there's someone's sister, who was caught tripping at the perfect moment.

    According to the Reddit post by a now-deleted user, this person's sister was trying to photobomb the photo and then accidentally slipped and made the photobomb even better. 

  • We can't stop laughing at the faces of these passersby.

    The faces of these two groomsmen are priceless -- and very relatable when we walk into something by accident.

  • There's this adorable but funny little girl.

    This little girl was caught mid–nose pick, which is no doubt going to be a photo that her family shares with future friends and SOs when she's older.

  • Then there's this random shirtless dude, who crawled right into the frame.

    This poor guy was just trying to retrieve his stray football when he unknowingly ended up in this wedding party's photo.

  • Well, we all know which bridesmaid has the best sense of humor.

  • This photo booth photobomb is the best thing we've ever seen.

    There could not have been better timing.

  • Take a look at this vintage photobomb.

    This photobomb from 1962 proves that photobombing is a truly timeless act.

  • This dude seemed to have taken a wrong turn.

    Although I'm not sure how anyone wouldn't realize what's going on sooner.

  • Finally, check out this meme-worthy photobomb.

    This person's photobombed wedding photo was so good that they had to turn it into a meme.