These Wireless Sex Toys Secretly Recorded & Stored People Masturbating on Their Phones

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For most of us, using a sex toy is a private moment. So the thought of your vibrator recording and then storing your sex sessions on your phone without your consent can be pretty nerve-racking. Unfortunately, this was real life -- and not a Black Mirror episode -- for users of Lovense's remote-controlled vibrator (which has a corresponding app). 


Lovense vibrators have Wi-Fi and bluetooth-enabled camera and microphone functions for "solo play," "discreet public play," and "long distance play," according to the app's description on Google Play.

Recently, a Reddit user named tydoctor claimed that after going through his or her phone's stored media to prepare it for a factory reset, he or she noticed a six-minute-long audio file in the Lovense app's folder. It turned out to be a full audio recording of the last time tydoctor and his or her partner used the vibrator. The app's settings were supposed to only allow voice clips to be sent on-command, and only through the in-app chat function.

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"At no time had I wanted the app to record entire sessions using the vibrator," tydoctor wrote.

Other users of the Lovense product also allegedly found sound files on their phones. "Oh wow, I found the file on my phone too, wtf," someone named drakerobin commented.

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A representative for Lovense commented on the Reddit thread, confirming that there is "a minor bug" that creates a "temporary file" when someone uses the Sound Control feature, and doesn't delete it properly on Android phones.

The rep also said the company released an update that would automatically delete the sound file when you stop using the sound function.

According to the company website, the data collected by the Lovense app and vibrator isn't actually shared with the company, just the users involved.

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"It was an unwise thing to record but the actual risk to users was relatively low unless someone stole their phone," Ken Munro, an expert in security, told BBC. He added that these "Internet of things" consumer products are the "Wild West right now."

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However, this isn't the first time a Lovense product was revealed to have a security issue. Just last month, a bluetooth-controlled butt plug called the Hush was discovered to be hackable, Vice reported. 

Moral of the story is that it might be worth it to do your research if you're interested in high-tech wireless sex toys, so that you don't run the risk of sharing more than you intended. 

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