Some Guy Charted Out the Pros & Cons of All the Places to Break Up With Someone & It's So, So Good

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Breakups suck, but planning where and how they occur can make them suck way more or way less. We at least owe it to our significant others to deliver the bad news in person, right? But where is the ideal location? And how do you minimize the chances of a huge scene or ending up with a drink thrown straight in your face? The possibilities of things going south seem endless -- and emotionally excrutiating. 

  • Thankfully, Matt Shirley helped us out by listing out the pros and cons of all the places to dump someone in a chart called "Worst Last Dates."

    He covers all the basics, from going to a bar to going to your place to going to their place, and even the more creative locations, like the beach or the gym.


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  • We have to hand it to Shirley, his list is pretty genius -- and actually kind of helpful.

    "So useful!" someone commented on his Instagram post. If you think you've got all your bases covered, definitely check out this chart to see the consequences you might not have anticipated.

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  • But TBH, he might actually be giving scorned ex-lovers some ideas.

    In that case, let's definitely cross dumping people at their place or during a helicopter ride off the list.

    And note to future SOs: After reading this, some people may actually feel more inspired to make that big public scene that Shirley seems so afraid of.

  • So after you dump someone, or someone dumps you, be sure to refer to Shirley's equally accurate chart for "First Date Locations."

    For either the demise or success of your love life, you can thank this guy.

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