The Internet Is Tearing Apart This Guy Who Said His Girlfriend Needs to Lose Weight

Humans of New York/Facebook

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to accept that our appearances don't define us, and that beauty is not just what society tells us it is. Since life is hard enough, the ones who we choose to keep in our lives -- such as friends and significant others -- should support and love us wholly. But this isn't always the case, and societal standards can end up pressuring and straining people and their relationships, as evidenced by a recent Humans of New York post.  

  • In the post, a man confesses that he wishes his girlfriend would lose weight, and just can't look past it anymore.

    "Everything else about her was exactly what I wanted," he said, according to the post on Facebook. "I didn't want to ruin something good for that one little reason." But after a year and a half, he just can't look past her weight, even though it apparently makes him feel "horrible."

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  • Commenters noted how his concern for his GF's weight wasn't even about her health.

    It's a bit more selfish than that, since he wants her to lose weight so that he can be attracted to her. Women already face enough societal pressures regarding how to look in order to be considered beautiful; they definitely don't need their boyfriend to add to that.

  • Many people said that they should just end things, because someone else will love her despite whatever weight she is.

    And if she's happy with how she looks, why should she need to change her appearance for someone else?

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  • To put it simply: If he can't love her just because of how she looks, then he doesn't deserve to be with her.

    On Facebook, some people shared their own story of how they were in relationships where their partner criticized their weight and appearance, and the mental toll it took on their self-esteem. "There are other people out there who don't give a rat's ass what my weight is, and those are the only people I want in my life," someone shared.

  • Some pointed out how entitled this guy was coming off...

  • ...especially (as others roasted him for) when he chooses to wear cargo pants.

  • Actually, there is some weight that she could lose: this boyfriend, as this commenter put it oh so well.


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