If You & Your Spouse Fit This Criteria, You May Be Headed For Divorce

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Marriage is a big commitment, and a following divorce is a pretty scary thought. According to the National Survey of Family Growth, the chances of a first marriage lasting 20 years is about 52 percent for women and 56 percent for men. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know for sure if a couple is going to ultimately end their relationship. However, through research, social scientists have discovered the signs, habits, and traits that could predict the couples most likely to do so. 


For starters, your age could play a role in your likelihood of getting divorced. Those who marry young (especially as teenagers) or above their mid-30s have a higher risk of getting divorced when compared to those who marry in their late 20s or early 30s. 

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But it's not just how old you are when you walk down the aisle. Research has also found that the larger the age gap between the married couple, the larger the chance for divorce among heterosexual couples. A 10-year difference makes people 39 percent more likely, a 2014 study found.

Our background can also play a role in our chances for divorce. If our parents are divorced, our chances of getting divorced are also greater.

Someone's education level also impacts his or her likelihood of divorce. Those with college degrees have been found to be less likely to divorce than those who don't, and financial income or socio-economic status may have to do with that. 

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Interestingly enough, the division of labor could also play a role in a couple's chance for filing for divorce -- as in honoring the traditional gender roles of a male breadwinner and female household caretaker. A 2016 study done by Harvard found that heterosexual couples with husbands who didn't have a full-time job had a 3.3 percent chance of divorcing the next year, while those couples with husbands who did have a full-time job had a 2.5 percent chance. But the wife's employment status didn't really have an affect on any of this.

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Obviously, the way we treat our partners and vice versa also plays a big role in how lasting the relationship will be. Certain behaviors, like showing contempt for your partner -- i.e., being hostile -- is one of the biggest predictors. Criticizing, being defensive, and stonewalling are also going to nail the coffin in your marriage (and any relationship, TBH).

While none of these alone should make you call off your wedding or file for a divorce, they're something to keep in mind in order to build a strong, lasting, and happy marriage.

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