Maid of Honor Hilariously Pranks Wedding Photos & We All Want to Be Her BFF

Ashley Hempel Photography/Facebook

In most cases, the loved ones of the bride and groom end up playing an integral part of the wedding. One could also argue that the BFF of the bride has one of the larger roles of the wedding -- planning the bachelorette party, being the maid of honor, and dealing with a potential Bridezilla, among other things. Talk about exhausting. But bride Rebecca Foster and her BFF and maid of honor, Sharilyn Wester, prove that weddings are more than just about celebrating the love between the bride and groom.

  • The newlyweds were posing for a photo shoot when it was time for Wester to pop in for a veil toss -- but she took the pose to another level.

    If you've never heard of a veil toss photo, you're not living under a rock. The two women requested this pose to photographer Ashley Hempel, and she had no idea what they meant -- until, well, the magical moment revealed itself.

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  • Apparently it was a total surprise planned between Wester and Foster -- not even Foster's groom, James, knew. Ah, the power of female friendship.

    "Then she started doing her crazy poses and I just died," Hempel tells CafeMom. "The whole bridal party was cracking up."

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    As for the groom, well, Hempel says that at first he was confused, but then he thought it was funny. "He's a great sport, and used to their sense of humor by now," she continues.

  • The two women have been best friends since after high school, Wester told the Huffington Post.

    "I'm originally from Canada but am living in the USA now, so we knew that being together again at her wedding, we had to do something memorable," she told HuffPost UK. 

    "We both have the same strange sense of humor," she continued.

  • This is definitive proof that nothing can compare to female BFFS, am I right?

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