Women Bravely Asked Their Crushes Out for a Date & the Results Were Brutal

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Dating in 2017 is tough, although it's pretty great that women are no longer encouraged to sit around and wait for their knight in shining armor to come and sweep them off their feet. However, a recent Internet challenge aptly called #DateChallenge quickly revealed that yes, double standards still exist, and yes, men are still very much entitled.

  • In a now-deleted tweet, sex and relationships blogger Oloni asked the women of Twitter to ask out their crush -- and men revealed their true colors.

    "It's 2017! We can ask and find out if there's a potential interest rather than waiting around," Oloni told the Huffington Post. "I know women often worry it could come off as desperate, but there's nothing desperate about asking a guy out for a drink."

    The idea was great; however, the men were not always so great. In fact, they were far from it, being straight-up savage (i.e., disrespectful) when turning down the courageous women. But how many times have we seen a guy go berserk when a woman politely declines his request (and apparently his ego) for a date? Food for thought, guys.

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  • Some challenges turned out pretty well, and may be the start of something beautiful.

    A "hell yes" would definitely turn my "entire crappy day" around too, as this woman described it on Twitter.

  • Others -- actually, many -- turned out not so well.

    "Ladies, this is what happens when you shoot your shot," this rudely rejected woman wrote with her screenshot

    In our opinion, it's probably best that she doesn't start a relationship with a guy who responds like this.

  • Some guys decided to go the sarcastic route instead of the polite route for some reason.

    We're also tired of life, girl.

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  • There was this guy who just left this woman on "read."

    I think it only takes about one minute to text something along the lines of, "No, thank you."

  • There was this rude dude who honestly didn't even deserve to be asked out.

    C'mon, have some tact.

  • This is 100 percent not the way to respond when someone asks you out.

    I highly doubt he'd appreciate it if the roles were reversed in this exchange.

  • The above goes for this guy and his response too.

  • Yup, swearing off dating until 3017.

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