This Guy Just Flawlessly Asked Out His Crush With Help From His Professor


Asking someone out is no easy feat. There you are, staring right into the face of rejection, and the only thing that can save you is a perfect delivery. Talk about pressure. It's no wonder we turn to our friends and close ones for advice on how to ask someone out -- it's nerve-racking! Jake, aka @squidslippers, however, took things to the next level when he asked his English professor to help him ask a girl out. 

  • Jake claims to have "zero skills" when it comes to texting girls, so who else better to help draft a text than his English professor?

    After all, English professors are literally paid to work with words and their meaning.

    " ... We straight ethos, logos, pathosed my way into a date," Jake wrote in the tweet's caption. 

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  • If you haven't been to an English 101 class in a while, then let me refresh your memory: the Rhetorical Triangle is meant to persuade audiences.

    You see where this is going, right? The two were basically strategizing on how to convince Jake's crush, Hannah, to say yes to a date with him by appealing to her ethics (aka ethos), logic (aka logos), and emotion (aka pathos).

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  • Anyway, Jake constructed arguably the perfect way to ask someone out -- and it worked!

    Not only did she say yes, but she said she'd bring the dog. 

    Can we get a round of applause for Jake?

  • Obviously, the Internet was in awe.

    I have never seen anything so smooth, and I've touched marble. 

  • Others started realizing that their English teachers have been untapped resources for their love lives all this time.

  • But pretty much everyone took notes on Jake's flawless execution.

    Maybe instead of English, this professor should teach Dating 101. 

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