15 Single Moms Reveal the Scariest Thing About Dating

couple on date

The ability to date again, to feel that excitement and the rush of adrenaline that comes from a first kiss with someone, the yearning for the late-night text and fun banter that comes with it ... that's what thrills us when it comes to the prospect of a new love. But, for a parent, overriding all of that is the fear. This fear isn't just about how the person we're dating will react, but how we feel when it comes to putting ourselves out there and risking our feelings with the hope of something positive in return. 


So many people have preconceived notions that single moms are just looking to settle down again -- which is not necessarily true. But we're also not looking for someone to flutter in and out without respect. Single moms have no time, no patience, and no need for any of that. We're often blunt, we're honest, and we aren't playing games with anyone's mind. We expect the same. 

Despite this, however, it's still scary. Many of us have been hurt and have a hard time trusting another person. Some of us feel intimacy is like a foreign country we've never visited. And all of us are afraid to introduce anyone new to our kids. 

Still, dating is something we want to do. So we face the fears. Hearing what makes other single moms terrified about dating makes us realize how so many of our own feelings are shared. There's comfort in their words ... along with the ability to face and overcome these fears. 

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