Husband Does His Wife's Makeup Every Day & Everyone Is Crying Over the Reason Why

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Somewhere between "ghosting" and "Tindstagramming," I was convinced love straight-up died. But one couple, Brian and Jean, just totally proved me wrong, and is currently giving hope to the rest of the world, too. 

  • Brian has been attending makeup lessons at his local department store in order to do Jean's makeup every day, because she's going blind.

    The picture was tweeted out by @itsscottsummers, although Brian's makeup teacher and the couple's location remain unidentified. 

    This doesn't make Brian and Jean's story any less beautiful.

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  • Everyone clearly agrees with me on that, since the entire Internet broke out in one huge ugly cry.

    These two are true #RelationshipGoals.

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  • Others shared stories of their own sweet grandparents' dedication to each other.

    No Hallmark card can express all the feels I am feeling.

  • But mainly people realized that they'll never find someone to do this for them.

    Dudes, take note.

  • Will you excuse me for a moment?

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