This Girl Turned Her Tinder Profile into a PowerPoint Presentation & It's Pretty Convincing

tinder powerpoint profile

With Tinder, you're trying to virtually convince people to take you out on a date using just six photos and a short bio, so your profile better be somewhat intriguing. One opportunistic girl named Krista might just take the cake for totally winning at the Tinder system -- anyone who matches with her is one lucky dude. 

  • Krista, a 19-year-old, turned her Tinder profile into a legit PowerPoint presentation, and it's pretty convincing, if we do say so ourselves.

    "Dwight Schrute may think that PowerPoint is boring but this is proof that he is wrong," her bio stated. Starting off with an iconic The Office reference is probably already getting off on the proper foot for many potential right-swipes.

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  • Anyway, onto the presentation: The first slide features Krista's interests, illustrated with an actual graph.

    Apparently, her favorite thing to do is laugh at the Trump administration. When she's not doing that, you can catch her eating avocados like a true millennial, or petting other people's pets. 

  • In the next slide, she lists out some fun facts about herself.

    Under a picture of herself, she rated herself as "moderately attractive."

    She's bad at beer pong, works out occasionally, and makes a great hummus, but did you guys know she also once completed an entire exam in neon orange highlighter? 

  • In true Tinder fashion, she featured some pics of her and some adorable "dogs."

  • If you don't believe how awesome she is, then just take a look at some of these very real testimonials by others.

    "You are the best Tinder match ever," someone wrote.

    "Determined. Witty. Confident," another wrote.

    The girl's got some pretty rave reviews.

  • For the concluding slide, Krista makes her final case for swiping right on her.

    Her mom thinks she's okay, and apparently the woman has good judgment. Plus, if any folks made it to the last slide, they're probably a little interested, so "why not??"

    Where can we recruit Krista to start running our Tinder profiles?

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