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18 Types of Guys Women Say They'd Never Date

Love & Sex Michele Zipp Oct 27, 2017

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We all have a type (or types) of people we are attracted to -- it may be a way of being, or a look or a specific trait. Sometimes it's even a feeling or a vibe, something that connects one to another person. But as must of us know, we can also be repulsed by other folks due to certain traits. Sadly, many women have learned about this the hard way, having spent time with a person who just simply had a certain way of being. 

Of course, one woman's dislike could be another one's turn-on, but after delving into this list, chances are most of us will be shaking our heads in agreement ... or at least understanding each woman's feelings and thoughts. Maybe it will even cause women to look at their own relationship and think something needs to change.

For anyone who's made a list of the types of guys they'd never date, many qualities listed here may be on it -- and many of them are fairly universal. No one should be disrespected. No one should be rude to waiters. And no one should have dirty fingernails. Right?

We spoke to 18 women who shared their thoughts on the kinds of men they would never date -- and believe us, it has barely anything to do with looks. Get ready to relate, ladies -- and men, perhaps take some notes. 


1Too much scent.

"I'd never date a guys who wears too much cologne. I once went on a date with a guy like that and we only hugged at the end. He had so much cologne on, it wore off on me. Huge turn-off." -- Jessica


4Money obsessed.

"I'd never date a guy that thought that money was important. Sure money is a necessity for living, but that overall corporate greed and status climbing is just gross." -- Laura


5Stoner types.

"I dated a total stoner surfer dude. It was fun for a while but I grew tired of wake-and-bakes and days wasted on sitting around accomplishing absolutely nothing. I would steer clear of men who lack responsibility and motivation. It comes in all forms, but the surfing, weed smoking, guitar playing around a fire is the worst type." -- Chasity


6The arrogant.

"I'd never date arrogant men. Sexist men. Men who refuse to read. Unintelligent men. Now that I've been married to a wonderful man, I think I could go on and on about what I wouldn't want, knowing how good men can be." -- Staci


10No one boring.

"No sexists, racists, etc. Nobody that does not contribute 100 percent to making a life together that works on every level. NO addicts! But also nobody BORING! I need a man who loves life and is excited to be alive!" -- Lauren


11No pet-haters.

"I'd never date someone incredibly religious, nor someone who identified as extremely right-wing politically. I'd also never date someone who hated pets, children, joked about/actually harassed women, or was rude to waiters." -- Christie



"I'd never date a guy who made fun of kids with special needs. Or a guy who made fun of a kid who needed glasses or laughed at a child when they fell and hurt themselves. I'd also never date a guy who made fun of any person for having a disability." -- Marisarej



"There is one specific type ... a type that blatantly shows disrespect for women. I'd never date a guy who uses phrases like 'show me your titties' or shares memes on social media that completely objectify and degrade women." -- Karen


15Short guys.

"I'd never date a guy who is shorter than me. I realize this is shallow and awful. But I also wouldn't date a guy that was too tall for me. Other sizes do not matter to me, but for some reason height does." -- Pam


16Those who curse.

"I really cannot stand when a person curses a lot. It's okay to pepper your language with some curse words here and there (sometimes), but there are some people who curse every other word and it feels like a jolt to me every time I hear it." -- Steph


17Name callers.

"I'd never date a guy who bashes his ex-girlfriends, or calls women 'sluts.' It shows no respect. And it tells me that I'd be on the receiving end of that someday." -- Ali



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