People Are Sharing How Their Parents Met & the Stories Will Melt Your Heart

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It's the question posed to every couple at some point in their relationship: "How did you guys meet?" When it comes to our parents and their relationship, we probably don't even think twice. Duh, they're our parents, always have been and always will be. Weren't they just born our parents? 

  • On October 17, writer Nicole Cliffe posed the question to the wide world of Twitter.

    "I'm interested in this bc I have recently discovered a huge number of people have never asked their parents how they met," she added in a replied tweet. 

    The tweets and stories that ensued are sweet enough to warm even the coldest heart. 

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  • The stories ranged from the adorable, which included people embarrassing themselves just to ask the other person out.

    Would you sing in public just for a potential date?

  • Or this guy who took the wrong bus for months.

    You know it's something when someone messes up his commute for you.

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  • Then there was this one time when Cosmo actually gave advice that worked.

    Seems like there truly is gold among all of those unrealistic sex positions.

  • Obviously, there were many funny stories, like this person's bank-teller mom who thought someone was robbing her bank.

    Nope, it was just her future baby daddy asking her out. He tried being discreet, but that kind of backfired.

  • Or this hilarious story of an almost-nun meeting her future husband right before saying her final vows.

    Talk about timing.

  • Some stories are reminders that you truly can never guess how you'll end up meeting your future spouse.

    They might just be that guy your roommate once dated for a hot second.

  • What was supposed to be just a regular day on the job might be the day you meet your SO.

    ICYWW, the lawyer mom had to wear heels to work, so the dad stole her commuter shoes. 

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    Moral of the story: Start packing commuter shoes for handsome cops to barter with you over dates.

  • You might already be on another date when you meet that special someone, like this person's parents.

    Maybe good taste in music is the glue that held this couple together?

  • In fact, the first date might not even go well, like when this person's dad straight-up ignored his mom on a blind date.

    Who says the first date has to be magical?

  • On the other hand, there were folks who knew from the second they saw the other person.

    This couple played chess on their first date, and the loser had to make dinner. The mom was such a bad cook that the fire department had to come. She asked him to marry her six weeks later, and he said yes. 

    Is this real life or a movie?

  • Before we get caught up in all the meet-cutes, let's not forget about the good ole classifieds.

    Does this mean that there's hope for the rest of us who are stuck with Tinder?

  • Basically, I am now convinced that love does truly exist.

    Can you pass the tissue box, please?

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