Woman Hilariously Scares the Crap Out of Her Boyfriend With Super Creepy Halloween Makeup

woman scares boyfriend with halloween makeup

The magical transformative powers of makeup really come in handy during the Halloween season (or if you work on the set of The Walking Dead). If you don't believe us, then just ask Natalie Weaver, who totally scared her boyfriend, Stephen, sh*tless with some super realistic zombie-horror movie makeup

  • In a video now posted on YouTube, Weaver gave herself the illusion of a bloody sewed-up mouth, and decided to surprise her boyfriend with it.

    And by surprise, we mean prank horrifyingly

    "Babe! My face!" she mumbles as she walks into the bedroom, where her boyfriend is lying peacefully in bed. 

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  • He totally (and hysterically) freaks out when he sees her.

    "Babe, what's up?!" he begins shouting frantically. "What are you doing?!"

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  • Do we blame him though? She looks like she just escaped Jigsaw.

    "Wasn't expecting him to react like that," she wrote in the comments of an Instagram post of her makeup. 

    I think we can all agree that we'd all flip out if anyone we knew disturbed our nap looking like they walked out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

  • But it looks like Stephen has gotten over it and even joined the dark side, according to Weaver's Instagram.

    "Stephen's turn," she captioned the photo of his own bloody Halloween-inspired face.

  • We hope these two get to spend Halloween scaring the rest of the world.

    On that note, somebody needs to hire Weaver to do horror movie set makeup stat. 

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