28 People Reveal the Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over

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There is often a lot of shame when it comes to divorce. We contend with most of society's view that marriage means forever, and couples should do everything to make it work. Women who have been divorced have often felt this way too. Sometimes "everything" just is not enough and things do not work no matter how hard two people may try. These 20 women bravely and openly shared the moment they knew their marriage was over. These revelations are really powerful -- and show just how strong the spirit of resilience and self-worth can be. Divorce is not easy, but it can help to know that other women are dealing with very similar situations. 


One can easily feel the heartbreak, the pain, but also the release of those feelings -- the empowerment and new light that comes to shine within each person as they shares their story. After all, leaving the bad to welcome the good is never a terrible thing. There are many turning points one reaches when going through a divorce, but the most significant mile-marker? The moment a person is honest with themselves and full acknowledges it's time to call things off. 

There are tales of infidelity, abuse, emptiness, and loss of connection. Some were drama-filled moments, while others were a slow painful burn. Many may even read these stories and see something that sounds a lot like their own divorce or marriage. It's in these words from other people that we know we are not alone and we shouldn't feel shame. Marriages sometimes end ... and that just means there is a new beginning. 

*Some people chose to use an alias.

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