"My Romantic New Year's Eve Plans"

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AlisonCWFC and her husband Scott.

I was so inspired by one CafeMom's New Year's Eve plans with her husband that I thought I'd share them.

AlisonCWFC and her man have a long tradition of spending the evening alone and reflecting on the year that has just passed. 

AlisonCWFC is not only a romantic, she loves to cook. She runs a popular website, Cooking With Friends Club.

Here are her sweet, low-key New Year's Eve plans.


"My husband and I celebrate New Year's Eve in a unique and special way. We savor a leisurely paced, fireside gourmet meal at home. But between courses, we fill out an end of year journal. It's a blank journal we buy, and we write the night's menu on the front. We sit side-by-side, reflecting on and writing about what has been good (and sometimes not-so-good) in the last year. We take stock of friendships, new and old. We remember meals and dinners, laugh about family outings and couple dates. We also tend to drink wine with each course, so the writing can get a bit wacky.

We've turned down countless party invitations over the years, and now, we don't get many. As New Year's draws closer, my friends have a bit of fun chuckling at my husband and my romantic side. We don't care. It's a small tradition that reminds us we're happy together."

Maybe my husband and I should do something besides watch our eyelids tonight around midnight. Even if we're tired from taking the kids to the circus, we will crack open some champagne after the kids are sound asleep.

What are your New Year's Eve plans?

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