17 Moms Share the One Piece of Dating Advice They Wish Their Daughters Would Listen To

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Talking to daughters about dating (and all that it entails) may be more challenging than talking to her about anything else. It may be our own (sometimes bad) dating experiences that cause fear, but when mothers translate what we've learned, we end up with solid advice. And after speaking with 17 moms, we've collected great conversation starters for talking about dating with daughters. 


The moms we interviewed didn't hold back. They looked deep into their own experiences, and the many situations they've seen their friends go through. These thoughtful responses can really help younger women when they start dating. And really, a woman of any age could probably learn a thing or two about relationships as well.

And there is so much we want for our kids when it comes to dating. When we look deep within ourselves, we will see that we have been teaching our kids respect and how to stand up for themselves since they were just babies. We want them to feel confident, to trust their instincts, and to never tolerate being mistreated.

We want them to feel safe enough to open up to a parent if they ever need help or advice. These tips from other moms help put all those things into words, and start a very important dialogue with our daughters. 

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