Bride Sweetly Surprised Her Widowed Grandma by Wearing Her Wedding Dress From 1962

bride wears grandma's dress

Wedding dresses hold special memories for many women, so it's no wonder why they'd to want to pass it on to the next generation of brides-to-be in their family. Jordyn Jensen (now Cleverly), a recent bride in Boise, Idaho, took that sentiment to the next level when she wore her widowed grandmother's wedding dress from 1962.

  • The most tear-jerking part? Her grandma had absolutely no idea until two days before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner.

    Jensen came up with the idea after trying on a few dresses and not finding anything that fit the antique style she was looking for. So she took her grandmother's dress, which was in fantastic shape, to a local seamstress.

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    Meanwhile, Grandma Penny had absolutely no idea Jensen had possession of the dress, and was just planning on donating it. 

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  • On the night of her rehearsal dinner, Jensen lured Grandma Penny outside for a "first look" photo shoot, which was the scene of the surprise.

    "I told her it was a small family photo shoot with my parents and grandparents because we probably wouldn't have enough time to do it the day of the wedding," Jensen told Inside Edition. "I didn't want her to see it for the first time walking down the aisle and just start sobbing and all those memories come back to her." 

    Grandma Penny turned around to see Jensen in the dress and holding a framed photo of Penny at her own wedding many decades ago, which was also displayed at Jensen's wedding.

  • She was speechless. "It was an absolutely beautiful moment and everyone around was silent," Kortney Peterson, the photographer, told Huffington Post.

    "Tears began to stream from everyone's faces," she continued.

    According to Jensen, her grandma whispered in her ear, "I married my high school sweetheart in this dress and so will you."

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    Jensen said she blacked out for a second or two from the "emotional roller coaster."

  • Now that these two ladies have proved that Grandma Penny has timeless taste and style, Jensen hopes the dress will continue on in her family.

    Now, if you'll excuse us, we just have to dry our eyes now.