This Girl Got Dumped & Taught Us All How to Bounce Back With a Vengeance (& a Hot Guy)


We don't always see a breakup coming, which especially sucks when we had a surprise gift waiting for our now ex-S.O. When this happened to Emma Vowell, 19-year-old sophomore at Purdue University in Indiana, she took it in such stride that we're pretty sure she could teach us all a thing or two about how to win at a breakup. 

  • You see, Vowell had purchased two pretty sweet skydiving tickets for her then-boyfriend's birthday -- but then he suddenly broke up with her.

    "I was like, 'I want to go skydiving anyway, so why let these tickets go to waste,'" she told BuzzFeed. So she came up with a pretty brilliant idea.

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  • She did what any other millennial would do and hopped onto the ubiquitous dating app Tinder to advertise her extra skydiving ticket.

    We have to hand it to her, skydiving sounds pretty fun for a first date. And her request that it just "deadass" be with a hot guy is icing on the perfect rebound cake. 

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  • So it's no wonder that she soon matched with a 22-year-old named Austin, who inquired about those tickets.

    And just like how every modern first date is planned, he emailed her his resume and cover letter.

  • No, seriously. (And honestly, we're kind of into it.)

    He had us at German shepherd/Husky mix (and kind of almost lost us at training sessions).

  • With such a great cover letter, she obviously agreed to take him. The two even met for coffee recently, which went "pretty well," according to Austin.

    His competition was tough though, and she ultimately ended up receiving at least 50 resumes. "If she finds a more qualified applicant, she can take him," Austin told BuzzFeed. "It's her ticket."

    But Emma insists she won't take anyone else, and the two currently have skydiving plans for October 28.

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  • Obviously, people started shipping the two immediately, urging them to get together.

    In fact, Tinder offered the two actual jobs with the company, thanks to their wild creativity.

    So even if it doesn't work out romantically, at least the two might have some jobs lined up after graduation! Oh, and some fun skydiving memories.

    If you're wondering about the ex-boyfriend (we forgot about him, too), apparently he was "so devastated" when she told him about the tickets. Revenge is best served with a little help from Tinder, it seems!

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