This Guy Got Caught Trying to Cheat on His GF & the Whole World Roasted Him

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Bored Panda

If you're about to be shady, you should probably be good at covering your tracks and not be making plans to cheat on your girlfriend by sliding into someone's Snapchat direct messages. AJ, a student at Ohio State University, learned this the hard way this week when his plans to be a cheater blew up in his face -- and to the far corners of the earth. Ever heard of karma, AJ?

  • An Ohio State University student posted her conversation with AJ onto the school's Snapchat group story for all to see, but blurred out his full name.

    In the conversation, the poster asked AJ if his girlfriend would be mad if she found out that he let another girl stay with him. "Don't say anything," he replied. "Don't save the text please."

    You can see where this is going.

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  • Since only his first name was visible, the AJ community begged the poster to reveal the guy's identity and clear their own names.

    Probably a good move if you're an AJ with a significant other who tends to watch the Buckeye Snap story. 

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  • She complied, and simultaneously destroyed AJ's social life in the process.

    "There you go!" her new snap read, with his full name in clear view. Bored Panda graciously blurred out his full name for privacy's sake. 

  • People immediately found his social media profiles, and added the best comments to the Snap story.

    "Actual picture of her almost falling for this dude's bullshit," someone commented over AJ's actual Facebook profile picture.

  • Even folks who don't go to OSU started roasting AJ like a straight-up rotisserie chicken.

    And by everyone, we mean police officers, people in Canada, and students all over the nation.

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  • The dude's infidelity fail even reached Mount Everest -- yes, seriously.

    You know it's bad when someone at Mount Everest calls you out.

  • #JusticeforAllie, who is his poor girlfriend (maybe ex-girlfriend now), began trending on Twitter, as did #FuckAJ.

    It was pretty clear whose side the entire world was on.

  • "If your name is AJ and you're from Ohio, you better just leave," someone tweeted, basically summing up the whole ordeal.

    If this isn't a moral lesson to be learned about cheating, then I don't know what is. Hopefully AJ won't ever try to cheat again after this, but you know what they say about cheaters ...
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