60 Years Later This Couple Got the Wedding Day Photos They Never Had & They're Gorgeous

Lucas Kiler/Facebook

The photos taken at your wedding are a special bunch because they capture a one-of-a-kind day of love and celebration, which you can relive whenever you look back at them. But for whatever reason, not all couples are able to have wedding day photos. However, one couple got a second chance at these special images many years later, thanks to their close friends and family.

  • The couple first tied the knot in 1957 in a small town in Brazil.

    For their original wedding, the groom's grandfather set up the yard, his aunt made the cake, and his godmother sewed the bride's dress -- but no photos were ever taken.  

    "Everything kept in the memory, however ... they had no photo to show," Lucas Kiler, the photographer of the day, wrote on Bored Panda.

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  • Flash forward 60 years, nine children, 16 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren later ...

    ... and everyone decided to get together and put together a "real wedding" for the couple to have their very own (and first) wedding photo shoot -- or, as Kiler poetically put it, "A unique moment that keeps vibrating and is stored in our happy memory box and when remembered and visualized makes the heart sigh."

  • "We prepared the day like it was a real wedding like in the day that they got married," Kiler tells CafeMom.

    The couple both dressed up like a blushing bride and groom. The photo shoot itself took place in a field where many couples tend to get married, according to Kiler, whose mother is a close friend of the woman's.

  • According to Kiler, the woman cried when she saw the gorgeous photos.