11 Women Confess Why They Cheated on Their Husbands

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According to ongoing research from the University of Chicago, most American adults say that they believe that cheating is always wrong. Despite that finding, nearly 20 percent of married adults report having had an extramarital relationship, with people who've been married longer seeming more likely to report that they've had an affair. Although there is evidence that men still cheat more than women, researchers have found that the number of women who've cheated has been steadily rising over the last two decades. This is hard to imagine, considering women are so often trying to stand with their sisters in solidarity when egregious affairs plague their lives. So when one hears about a woman cheating, one can't help but wonder what led her to this point. 


I'm curious about the fact that it seems like more women than ever are being unfaithful, so I decided to go the source. I talked to 11 women who've cheated and asked one basic question: Why?

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After I promised not to reveal their names or locations, they revealed some surprising and sometimes sad reasons why they just couldn't stay faithful. And the reasons are shocking, emotional, and sometimes even logical. 

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It can be easy to judge people who cheat, but after reading these real life stories, these women may actually be more relatable than one would think. 

Here, real women confess the reasons why they cheated on their husbands.

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