17 Women Share What They Wish They Could Change About Their Husbands

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I love my husband unconditionally. I know he is smart, sweet, and sexy. We've been married for over a decade and I'm certain he's the right guy for me. In being with someone for that long, you learn so much about who they are, so, obviously, there's nothing I'd want to change about him, right? Well ... Of course, I don't want to change who he is as person. He's great. I just want to change this one small thing: the way he eats chicken.


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I don't want to go into graphic detail, but there is this sound he makes when he chews and I just can't stand it. It is the actual worst. I want to be married to him for the rest of my life. I also want to ban chicken from our household. 

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I was griping about this online and it turns out that basically all my friends have at least one thing that they'd change about their partners, if they could.

I promised not to share their full names and they agreed to let me share the irritations, big and small, that drive them the most crazy when it comes to married life. Click on for a peek into what real marriages are really like. 

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