These Newlyweds Met When They Lost Their Dads During 9/11, Proving Love Wins

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On September 11, 2001, Victor Saracini was the captain of United Flight 175, which was making its way from Boston to Los Angeles, when his plane was hijacked and directed into a collision with the South Tower of the World Trade Center. On the 84th floor of that building was Patrick McGuire, an employee at Euro Brokers Inc., who was about to evacuate when an announcement said everything was under control. Both men died in the devastating tragedy, leaving behind their families. 


But 16 years later, two of their children, Brielle Saracini, the youngest of the Saracini children, and Sean McGuire, the oldest of the McGuire kids, who met because of the loss of their fathers, just got married -- almost exactly to the day. Their love story proves that some good can be found even in the darkest moments. 

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As A Plus reports, two years after 9/11, Saracini and McGuire were both 10 years old and attending Camp Better Days, a summer camp in New Jersey meant for children who had lost a loved one during 9/11.

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They were "just kids who used to hang out together and match up against one another in pool and basketball, who eventually fell in love," Saracini told As they grew up together, they both applied for and attended the same college, and even studied abroad together.

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"The biggest takeaway from 9/11 for me was that you might be able to break down steel and structure, but you can never destroy love," Saracini said during her wedding vows. "We grew up together, shaping each other, learning from each other, and grounding one another," she later added.

McGuire proposed to Saracini by tossing her a baseball (she's a fan of the Yankees, he's a fan of the Mets) at a park overlooking the Freedom Tower. On the ball was an engagement ring taped on it.

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The couple's wedding took place outside of Austin, Texas, to about 165 guests, A Plus reported. The two also took a moment during their ceremony to recognize the impact 9/11 had on their lives. Saracini left an open seat for her father in the front row, putting her dad's captain hat on it. 

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"He was there, you just need to look for the signs," Ellen Saracini, Brielle's mom and the widow of Victor Saracini, said to "No hand to hold, but I smile and feel him in my heart."

"We made a declaration to each other, and in doing so, we made a statement against those who tried to hurt us," Brielle Saracini told "Love truly conquers all."

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