You're Going to Call Your Loved Ones Immediately After You Read This Pharmacist's Twitter Thread

pharmacist from viral twitter thread

Our lives are busy; there's no doubt about that. Sometimes we can forget to voice how much we love those closest to our hearts when we're rushing out the door in the morning or hanging up the phone. But it's important to express to our loved ones how much we value and appreciate them -- and pharmacy technician James Morales was reminded of this firsthand when he encountered "the saddest experience of [his] life," according to his Twitter thread. (Warning: you might want to grab a box of tissues now.)

  • So, there was an elderly couple who frequented Morales's pharmacy about three times a week in order to pick up their medications.

    They'd been going there for years, so everyone who works there was close to them. Usually, the older woman was the one making the transaction and chatting with the pharmacists, while her husband "stood beside her, looking at her, paying close attention to the things she says," Morales wrote.

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  • The couple always went to the pharmacy together, so it was odd that on Tuesday, it was just the man.

    Morales asked how he was, and the old man said his usual "could be better." 

    When Morales gave the older man the six medications, three for him and three for his wife, the man was silent for a bit.

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  • Then the man informed Morales that his wife had actually passed away the night before, and he was there to return her untouched medication.

    The pharmacy, which is usually loud and bustling, went "the quietest it has ever been there." 

    "Everyone's stomach was in a knot, while Mr. Smith stood there in front of me in tears," Morales wrote.

  • "Hate to say it, but I wish I went before she did," the older man said. "It was so hard waking up today, to an empty side of the bed."

    "She was my best friend and lover," he continued.

    "She's watching over me, and is the best angel I could ever ask for," he said. 

  • Before leaving, the old man left the pharmacists with some wise words: "Make sure to tell the ones you love that you appreciate them."

    "You never know when their last breath is, and the last time you'll see them."

    The old man's last regret, according to Morales, was not telling his wife that he loved her. Instead, he only said, "Good night, sweetie."

  • The words struck Morales and his coworkers -- and the world. "Imagine, living with that for the rest of your life," Morales said.

    "Hoping you said something else to the person that meant so much to you," Morales continued. 

    "Because if I was in his shoes, I'd be broken," he added. "I'd be numb. Spending the majority of your life with someone, just to be left alone in the end."

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  • Morales started noticing his coworkers calling their loved ones and significant others to tell them how much they loved them.

    He also openly wished he had someone to tell that to as well.

    So, if you do, be sure to give them a ring and tell them how you feel; it could be your last chance.